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Aftermath Islands utility token with in-game activations will be minted using DigitalBits and added to NicoSwap as part of the roll-out and expansion of Aftermath Islands' unique virtual life, gaming and Metaverse offerings

Aftermath Islands, an immersive and highly-interactive blockchain-based virtual reality platform, has selected the DigitalBits blockchain for minting Doubloons (DUBS), the native utility token and in-game currency of Aftermath Islands and will be added to NicoSwap. This development was confirmed today at the Monaco Crypto Summit. A total of 3.5 billion DUBS tokens will be minted, with approximately 1 billion DUBS being set aside for in-game and economy circulation, Lost Kingdom of T'Sara, Aftermath Islands' free play-to-earn game, rewards, incentives, marketing and promotional activities and to facilitate other in-game initiatives.

The DigitalBits blockchain is fast, eco-friendly, user-friendly, and was built for brands. It is an open-source blockchain that powers a wide range of digital assets, including branded currencies, NFTs, stablecoins, and more. Designed to be enterprise-grade, it can process up to 10,000 transactions per second and provides the fast, cost-effective, and highly performant infrastructure and services needed to support the highly innovative solutions and offerings that blockchain organizations need to provide services to and interact with their customers.

Aftermath Islands' DUBS utility token will also be added with an XDB/DUBS liquidity pool on NicoSwap, the decentralized exchange (DEX) and open-source platform built on the DigitalBits blockchain. Along with providing users with Liquid Pools and Automated Market Making technology, transactions via NicoSwap will be faster and cheaper than other DEXs such as UniSwap. The launch date for this listing is targeted for Q3 2022.

Aftermath Islands will also be collaborating with other organizations within the DigitalBits ecosystem to develop new and exciting opportunities for brands, partners, players, and users as Aftermath Islands' properties, experiences, assets, and offerings continue to grow and develop.

"Built with Unreal Engine 5 and using the latest technology that supports pixel streaming, Aftermath Islands will offer realistic graphics and user experiences throughout its multi-island landscape. Players, brands, educators, and other groups will be able to work, play, game, entertain, learn, socialize, and build in a true online experience where everyone is a real person promoting safety and fair gameplay. The power, flexibility, and established brands already on the DigitalBits blockchain is one of the key reasons that Aftermath Islands chose their blockchain for our utility token," said Managing Director of Aftermath Islands David Lucatch.

Al Burgio, Founder of the DigitalBits blockchain commented, "It is a pleasure to welcome Aftermath Islands into the DigitalBits ecosystem and NicoSwap. The decision to select DigitalBits to support the launch of the Aftermath Islands utility token validates the strong opportunity that exists with the growing ecosystem across an array of categories and industries. Aftermath Islands is building an incredible virtual life, gaming and Metaverse platform, and along with their DUBS token will no doubt contribute to the growing utility of DigitalBits."

One of the first play-to-earn (P2E) offerings of Aftermath Islands is Lost Kingdom of T'Sara (LKoT), a free-to-play, web-based clicker game that is currently in development. In LKoT, players can earn resources, NFTs, and utility tokens for performing in-game tasks and completing missions. These assets can then be used in-game or traded elsewhere within the Aftermath Islands Metaverse. LKoT fully supports Aftermath Islands' philosophy of decentralization and economic inclusivity and promises to provide captivating experiences that allow people around the world to earn their way into virtual land ownership.

Aftermath Islands also recently announced that it has secured $25 million in funding from LDA Capital, a global investment group that focuses on highly promising and disruptive technologies. Aftermath Islands also recently acquired all of the assets and IP of the Meta Hero Project. This IP is used to create a wide range of in-game items and NFTs that players can buy, sell, and use within Aftermath Islands' virtual worlds, as well as all other compatible blockchain-based experience platforms.

Aftermath Islands is led by a pioneering group of tech entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and storytellers. The team has worked with some of the world's most recognized and respected brands and institutions, including Marvel, Paramount, DC Comics, Warner Bros, and many more.

Learn about the Aftermath Islands virtual world here, and read about how the project is disrupting

Metaverse development in the project's light paper.

About Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited -

Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited is a Barbados corporation that is 50% owned and is controlled by Oasis Digital Studios Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc (CSE:LQID/OTC:LQAVF). Aftermath Island Token Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, is a British Virgin Islands corporation

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is being built as an open-world, realistic graphic platform with islands that represent destinations in a global virtual game. In Aftermath Islands Metaverse's virtual world, users can buy, develop, trade, and sell Virtual Land (VL), property, and items, such as buildings, crafted items, transport, and other items all through in-game collectible NFTs, a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of virtual and other items. Each plot or parcel of VL is unique and owners get to choose, based on themes and other fair play rules, what content they want to publish on their VL. This can range from simple scenery and structures to an interactive game, business, warehouse, dwelling, facility, or destination. Users can purchase VL as well as all other goods and services in Aftermath Islands Metaverse with fiat and other authorized currencies, coins, and tokens. In the future, users will be able to use DUBS, short for Doubloons the Aftermath Islands Metaverse in-game currency.

About DigitalBits Blockchain -

DigitalBits is a layer-one blockchain protocol that prioritizes security, speed, and cost-savings. Any asset can be tokenized on the DigitalBits blockchain, including NFTs created by artists, sports organizations, and other brands. By making micropayments efficient and cost-effective, DigitalBits provides the foundation for real-world mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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